Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cooling down your hose after a long workout.

Don’t give your horse cold water after a hard, sweaty workout. The horse should be walked out first, cooled down and then given water. Make sure the horse's breathing and body temperature has returned to normal. If given water to drink after a hard, sweaty workout, it is best to allow for just a few sips, then walk the horse to cool him out more before returning to drink more water.

The best way to water a horse is to have water available at all times. This way the horse should never be so thirsty that he would gulp large amounts of cold water that his body can't handle. When it is impossible to have water regularly available, the horse should be given water as frequently as possible. Keep in mind that a horse's stomach can only hold about 8-17 quarts, so water and feed should be given frequently in small quantities.

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